Sewer & Waste Water Treatment

WWTP Superintendent: Ken Holbrook

Phone: 518-686-7701

Address: Waste Water Treatment Facility, Sewer Plant Road, Hoosick Falls, NY 12090

Assistant Operator: Keith Pierce


Santiary Line Camera Usage

The following prices and regulations are set by the Village for sanitary line camera work to be done for Village residents, and residents outside the Village connected to the Village service.

Allowed procedures:

  • Televising of laterals to determine where a problem lies
  • Locating lateral connections with camera equipment
Disallowed procedures:
  • Jetting of residential laterals with Village equipment
  • Snaking of laterals with Village equipment
  • Excavation of residential lateral (Unless camera equipment becomes stuck. Excavation costs will be paid by homeowner.)
  • Excavation of sewer clean-outs in a residential lateral

Before work will begin, all clean-outs must be accessible to the Village employee(s). The Village is not responsible for any pre-existing defect that may be in a resident's line. If the camera equipment gets stuck due to a pre-existing condition and the Village needs to excavate to retreive the camera, the homeowner is responsible for related costs.

Rates (per hour):
Village resident: $75.00
Commercial business within the Village: $100,00
Non-resident connected to Village sanitary system outside the Village: $150,00
Commercial business connected to Village sanitary system outside the Village: $200,00

Customers will be required to sign an agreement before work will begin. A printable agreement can be downloaded here.


Proper Grease Disposal

Greases and oils should not under any circumstance be pourded down drains or flushed down toilets. Grease products create a sludge when mixed with waste water, and can quickly clog sanitary drain lines in your home or in the municipal system. Cleaning these grease clogs can be costly to homeowners and taxpayers. Grease and oil products like bacon fat, cooking oil, tuna oil, salad dressings, meat gravys and au jus, melted butter, etc. should be disposed of as solid waste in your trash container.


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